Agile Coach (REF:11007259)

Plats: Göteborg, Sweden
Datum publiserad: 29-05-2018
Competenca söker en Senior Technical Agile Coach för kund inom Automotive.
The position is for a Senior Technical Agile Coach with DevOps experience and extensive experience of operations. The Coach will support teams at the customers DevOps journey. The teams can be new, or it can be a transformation from traditional development projects to DevOps teams. 

The main tasks will be: 
• Drive changes regarding Ways of Working 
• Educate and guide teams in effective use of DevOps tools 
• Support the teams to secure efficient Operations (Monitoring, Organizing for Incident response, Continuous Delivery toolchains etc) 
• Empower teams and encourage self-organization 
• Help and grow a continuous improvement culture 
• Describe and document DevOps ways of working from a technical perspective and secure they are communicated to teams and key stakeholders 
• Participate in creating, plan and implementing DevOps teams from a technical perspective. 
• Replace waterfall project checklists with guidelines adapted for DevOps teams 
• Act as a bridge between the traditional teams and DevOps team 
• Support the transition of agile project into a DevOps mode 

Primary Skills Required: 
• Hands on experience from Operations in agile organizations e.g. SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) roles 
• Excellent knowledge about DevOps 
• Good knowledge about VSTS 
• Excellent knowledge of lean and agile mindset. 
• Good leadership (servant leadership style), communication, coordination & inter-personal skills 
• Agile believer, motivated and positive 
• Ability to work well in a team and motivate the team members 

Experience Required:
• Experience as Technical Agile Coach 
• Experience as DevOps transformation Coach 
Additional Experience Preferred: 
• Consulting experience within larger enterprises 

Education Required: 
• Certified Scrum Master 
• Trained in DevOps

Om uppdraget:
Startdatum: 2018-07-02
Slutdatum: 2018-12-21
Ort: Göteborg
Sista ansökningsdag: 2018-07-02

Kontaktperson på Competenca:
Gert Ryberg
Partner Manager
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